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The recommended profile to access the doctoral studies is very open. The requirement is to have done master’s degree studies whose subjects in biology at any of its sub-disciplines represent more than 30 credits. In addition, students must have completed in their first or second cycle (pre-EHEA) of university studies courses that give a heritage of (1) mathematics (calculus and algebra), (2) statistics, (3) a reasonable combination of courses that include cell biology and molecular genetics and ecology, and (4) courses which includes biology of at least two kingdoms
At the University of Valencia there are degree and master programmes with these characteristics, such as the Degree in Biology and the Master’s Degree in Biodiversity: Conservation and Evolution and the Master’s Degree in Integrative Evolutionary Biology.


With these conditions, it becomes unnecessary to establish additional training. Moreover, students must demonstrate a level of English equivalent to B1 in the European Qualifications Framework.