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As general entry requirement they should be contemplated in some of the presumptions of the article 6 of the RD 99/2011 or of the second additional provision of such Royal Decree.


As a specific requirement must be met:
(a) Previous studies
(a.1) They must have completed the Master’s Degree in Biodiversity or the Master’s Degree in Integrative Evolutionary Biology of the University of Valencia associated with the doctoral programme. In the event of holding the Diploma d'Estudis Avançats
(DEA-a tertiary education degree)- obtained according to the Royal Decree 778/98– or the Research Proficiency- according to the regulations of the Royal Decree 185/85– , they must have been completed within Doctoral Programmes related to this.

(a.2) Also may be admitted who have completed other master’s degree studies or others studies of a similar level, whether they come from higher education systems which do not provide the Master’s degree -- with related content in the field of biology and its methodologies that represent at least 30 credits.
(b) Recommendation.
Although letters of recommendation are not required, it is recommended that the candidate for admission establish prior contact with any of the professors of the programme for a future direction or co-direction of the doctoral thesis.
(c) Languages
Applicants must demonstrate their knowledge of the English language equivalent to level B1 (European classification).
If applicants do not have the certification and English is not their first language, they will be able to take an ad hoc exam. For this, if the applicant has a disability, the Unit for the Integration of People with Disabilities of the UVEG will be consulted in order to ensure the appropriateness of the exam. The students who fulfil the requirements will entry the doctoral programme, and the Doctoral Studies Academic Committee will be the responsible for verifying the compliance of the above requirements for the admission of the applicant.

Admission criteria:
Regarding to entry systems and procedures adapted to students with special educational needs, the University of Valencia has the  Unit for the Integration of People with Disabilities (UPD), which ensures  the respect for the principle of equal opportunities and non discrimination and  supports the collective of students with special educational needs. The “Service Charter” of this unit  (, informs about  quality commitments and rights and duties of users.
Likewise, and according to the Royal Decree 1892/2008, of 14 November, which  regulates the conditions for accessing to official university  undergraduate degrees and the admission procedures to Spanish public universities , the 5% of places available will be reserved for students  who have a recognised disability of at least 33%, as well as for those students with permanent special educational needs associated with personal circumstances of disability, who during their previous academic life have needed resources and support for their full  educational  normalisation.