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  • Advances in Validating SALTIRSOIL at Plot Scale: First Results

    Visconti, F.; de Paz, J. M.; Molina, M. J.; Sánchez, J.

    (2012). Article

    Journal of Environmental Management.

    95 (Suppl): S31 - S36.

  • Local vs regional intraspecific variability in regeneration traits

    Moreira, B.; Tavsanoglu, Ç.; Pausas, J. G.

    (2012). Article


    168: 671 - 677.

  • Rediscovery of Riella alatospora (Riellaceae, Sphaerocarpales), en aquatic, South African endemic liverwort previously known from a now largely transformed type locality

    Segarra-Moragues, J. G.; Puche, F.; Sabovljević, M.

    (2012). Article

    79: 32 - 38.

  • Fire regime changes in the Western Mediterranean Basin: from fuel-limited to drought-driven fire regime

    Pausas, J. G.; Fernández-Muñoz, S.

    (2012). Article

    Climatic Change.

    110: 215 - 226.

  • Cork Oak vulnerability to fire: the role of bark harvesting, tree characteristics and abiotic factors

    Catry, F.; Moreira, F.; Pausas, J. G.; Fernandes, P. M. Rego, F.; Cardillo, E.; Curt, T.

    (2012). Article

    PLoS ONE.

    7 (6): e39810.

  • Standing dead fuel and post-fire flammability in Mediterranean species: A successional approach

    Baeza, M. J.; Santana, V. M.; Pausas, J. G.; Vallejo, V. R.

    (2011). Article

    Journal of Vegetation Science.

    22: 467 - 474.

  • Human-shaped Cork oak savannas require human use to sustain biodiversity and ecosystem services

    Bugalho, M. N.; Caldeira, M. C.; Pereira, J. S.; Aronson, J.; Pausas, J. G.

    (2011). Article

    Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment.

    9: 278 - 286.

  • Intra-population comparison of vegetative and floral trait heritabilities estimated from molecular markers in wild Aquilegia popilations

    Castellanos, M. C.; Alcántara, J. M.; Rey, P. J.; Bastida, J. M.

    (2011). Article

    Molecular Ecology.

    20: 3513 - 3524.

  • Phenology, seed dispersal and difficulties in natural recruitment of the canopy tree Pachira quinata (Malvaceae)

    Castellanos, M. C.; Stevenson, P. R.

    (2011). Article

    Revista de Biología Tropical.

    59 (2): 921 - 933.

  • GIS-SALTIRSOIL: a new tool to evaluate and modelling soil salinity at regional scale; an application to evaluate the climate change effect in an irrigated salinity risk area

    de Paz, J. M.; Visconti, F.; Molina, M. J.; Ingelmo, F.; Sánchez, J.

    (2011). Acta congrés

    Global Forum on Salinization and Climate Change.

    Pp. 136 - 142.

    FAO, Roma.