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TADeSP, ETSE-UV’s Software development group

  • June 28th, 2021
TADeSP, ETSE-UV’s Software development group

Técnicas Avanzadas de Desarrollo de Software centrado en la Persona (TADeSP) is the research group of ETSE-UV’s Department of Computer Science. The group consists of five Professors of the School: Miriam Gil, Ignacio Panach, Verónica Romero, Sergio Casas and Silvia Rueda, direction manager. It also features Oscar Pastor, Eduardo Díaz, Damiano Distante as external researchers.

The team works in various interrelated and complementary research lines, which share the common goal of analysing the aspects intervening in the relationship of individuals who interact with software to be developed.

From the improvement of Software Engineering techniques aimed at capturing the needs of all software users, to the design of interfaces which properly adapt to the final user, the study of natural language recognition and Machine Learning techniques allowing for automatization advancements and the improvement of processes.

The group considers important taking into account people who will use Software in the future. Silvia Rueda states “we take into account the diversity of people who will use the applications”, adding that it’s from a gender perspective. Thus, her objective is to achieve software from a human standpoint.

Among the group’s main research lines, the ones focused on the person-computer interaction stand out. Ignacio Panach, a contributor to the development process of this kind of Software, explains it the following way: “we want the user to be part of the development and interfaces to be adaptive, to anticipate all issues that the user may encounter”.

Other lines of work are centred on code generation from abstract models, additionally focusing on Machine Learning to learn users’ preferences and custom interfaces. Different research lines are based on natural language processing (NLP), while others on the impact of gender in software development.

Silvia Rueda is in charge of the last above-mentioned research line, as Software development groups tend to be very masculinised; because applications are usually centred on men, “we want to analyse how team diversity can favour the final result”.

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