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  • Plant phylodiversity enhances soil microbial productivity in facilitation-driven communities

    Navarro-Cano, J. A.; Goberna, M.; Valiente-Banuet, A.; Montesinos-Navarro, A.; García, C.; Verdú, M.

    (2013). Article


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  • Facilitation allows plant coexistence in Cuban serpentine soils

    Oviedo, R.; Faife-Cabrera, M.; Noa-Monzón, A.; Arroyo, J.; Valiente-Banuet, A.; Verdú, M.

    (2013). Article

    Plant Biology.

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  • Structure and phylogenetic diversity of post-fire ectomycorrhizal communities of maritime pine

    Rincón, A.; Santamaría, B. P.; Ocaña, L.; Verdú, M.

    (2013). Article


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  • Field evidence of smoke-stimulated seedling emergence and establishment in Mediterranean Basin flora

    Tormo, J.; Moreira, B.; Pausas, J. G.

    (2013). Article

    Journal of Vegetation Science.

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  • The role of fire in structuring trait variability in Neotropical savannas

    Dantas, V. L.; Pausas, J. G.; Batalha, M. A., Loiola, P. P., Cianciaruso, M. V.

    (2013). Article


    171: 487-494.

  • The lanky and the corky: fire-escape strategies in savanna woody species

    Dantas, V.; Pausas, J. G.

    (2013). Article

    Journal of Ecology.


  • Fire drives functional thresholds on the savanna-forest transition

    Dantas, V.; Batalha, M. A.; Pausas, J. G.

    (2013). Article


    94: 2454-2463.

  • Effects of climate and extreme events on wildfire regime and their ecological impacts

    Duguy, B.; Paula, S.; Pausas, J. G.; Alloza, J. A.; Gimeno, T.; Vallejo, V. R.

    (2013). Llibre

    Regional assessment of climate change in the mediterranean.

    In: Navarra, A.; Tubiana, L. (eds)

    Springer Netherlands, pp. 101-134.

  • Post-dispersal seed anchorage to soil in semiarid plant communities, a test of the hypothesis of Ellner and Shmida

    García-Fayos, P.; Engelbrecht, M.; Bochet, E.

    (2013). Article

    Plant Ecology.

    214: 941-952

  • Fire structures pine serotiny at different scales

    Hernández-Serrano, A.; Verdú, M.; González-Martínez, S. C.; Pausas, J. G.

    (2013). Article

    American Journal of Botany.

    100: 1-8.