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  • Reviving, in vitro differentiation, development, and micropropagation of the rare and endangered moss Bruchia vogesiaca (Bruchiaceae)

    Sabovljević, M.; Vujičić, M.; Sinzar-Sekulić, J.; Segarra-Moragues, J. G.; Papp, B.; Skorić, M.; Dragačević, L.; Sabovljević, A.

    (2012). Article


    47 (9): 1347 - 1350.

  • To resprout or not to resprout: factors driving instraspecific variability in resprouting

    Moreira, B.; Tormo, J.; Pausas, J. G.

    (2012). Article


    121: 1577 - 1584.

  • Influencia de las características del suelo inducidas por la litología en la hidrología superficial de laderas calizas. Simulaciones utilizando EuroSEM 2010.

    Salvador, M. P.; Soriano, M. D.; Llinares, J.; Molina, M. J.

    (2012). Article

    Sociedad Geológica de España.

    GeoTemas (VIII Congreso Geológico de España)

    13: 1777 - 1780.

  • Riella heliospora (Riellaceae) a new monoicous species of Riella subgenus Trabutiella from California

    Segarra-Moragues, J. G.; Puche, F.; Sabovljević, M.

    (2012). Article

    Systematic Botany.

    37 (2): 307 - 319.

  • Patterns of plant species richness within families and genera in lowland neotropical forests: are similarities related to ecological factors or to chance? (Capítol de llibre)

    Stevenson, P. R.; Castellanos, M. C.; Agudelo, J.

    (2012). Llibre

    Tropical Forests.

    Sudarshana, P.; Nageswara-Rao, M.; Soneji, J. R. (eds.).

    DOI: 10.5772/31987
  • Restoration of mediterranean woodlands and shrublands. (Capítol de llibre)

    Vallejo, R.; Allen, E. B.; Aronson, J.; Pausas, J. G.; Cortina, J.; Gutiérrez, J. R.

    (2012). Llibre

    Restoration ecology: the new frontier.

    Aronson, J.; Van Andel, J. (Eds.).
    Pp. 193 - 207. WileyBlackwell, Oxford.

  • The role of seed traits in determining the phylogenetic structure of temperate plant communities

    Vandelook, F.; Verdú, M.; Honnay, O.

    (2012). Article

    Annals of Botany.

    110: 629 - 636.


  • Phylogenetic relatedness as a tool in restoration ecology: A meta-analysis

    Verdú, M.; Gómez-Aparicio, L.; Valiente-Banuet, A.

    (2012). Article

    Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, B.

    279: 1761 - 1767.

  • Disrupted phylogeographical microsatellite and chloroplast DNA patterns indicate a vicariance rather than long-distance dispersal origin for the disjunct distribution of the Chilean endemic Dioscorea biloba (Dioscoreaceae) around the Atacama Desert

    Viruel, J.; Catalán, P.; Segarra-Moragues, J. G.

    (2012). Article

    Journal of Biogeography.

    39: 1073 - 1085.

  • Fires enhance flammability in Ulex parviflorus

    Pausas, J. G.; Alessio, G.; Moreira, B.; Corcobado, G.

    (2012). Article

    New Phytologist.

    193 (1): 18 - 23.