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Those applicants who are holders of an university degree such as the Licenciatura (Former Spanish Undergradute Degree) in Business Management and Administration, the Undergraduate Degrees Business Management and Administration or Finances and Accountancy or the Diplomatura (Former Spanish Undergraduate Degree) in Business Sciences. Falling this, it will be considered is if the applicants have completed, in their previous university studies, subjects related to the Master’s Degree, such as, general accountancy subjects, accounting analysis, costs or audit with a study load similar to the one of the degrees mentioned above.

In the case of students with special educational needs, the support and counselling services of the UV will assess the need of the possible curricular adaptations, pathways or alternative studies.

The applicants whose mother tongue is not Spanish should prove a language level equal or superior to B2 according to the Euoropean parametres for this purpose. The prove of this should be done by a supporting document, or contacting with the Master’s Degree directors in order to establish an alternative procedure.
This level according to the linguistic qualifications set by Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, guarantees that the student can follow up the teachings properly; understanding the main ideas of complex texts which deal with specific and abstract topics, even if they are of technical nature and always that they are within their specialisation field, producing clear and detailed texts on different topics, as well as defending a point of view on general topics indicating the advantages and disadvantages of the different options.