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This committee is formed by the different groups involved; particularly by members of the Academic Coordinating Committee (CCA) plus a representative of the doctoral students, a member of administrative staff and a technician of the Quality Unit, designated by their direction, who will carry out the functions of quality technical support.


  • Arciniega García, Luis (UV)
  • Barceló, Isabel (PAS)
  • Benito Goerlich, Daniel (UV)
  • Chirivella, Amparo (Quality Unit)
  • García Mahíques, Rafael (UV)
  • Gil Salinas, Rafael (UV)
  • Gómez-Ferrer Lozano, Mercedes (UV)
  • Martín Martínez, José (UV)
  • Mínguez Cornelles, Víctor (UJI)
  • Rodríguez Moya, Inmaculada (UJI)
  • Rojo Mas, María Eugenia (alumna)
  • Serra Desfilis, Amadeo (UV)
  • Vidal Lorenzo, Cristina (UV)