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Programme code: 3135

Regulations: RD 99/2011

Knowledge branch: Arts and humanities

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Organised by:Faculty of Language Studies, Translation and Communication.

Management Centre:Postgraduate School

Participating Universities:Universitat de València i Universitat Politècnica de València

Programme Coordinator:Dr José Santaemilia Ruiz

Places available for new students:50 places

Aims: The aims of the programme are: to promote the research in languages, literatures and culture; to support technology to provide a full range offer of every aspect of language, literary, cultural and linguistic studies, considering historical and applied studies, and obtaining the optimum performance of the interdisciplinary nature that characterises different areas of research such as didactics of languages, analysis of languages, translation and literary studies; to deepen in the research of the different areas and to stablish forms of contact between the research and its professional application (linguistic technicians, translators, consultants, writers-editors, literary critics, cultural promoters, editors, etc.); to contribute to the proper usage of language; to understand the linguistic mechanisms; and to interpret literary trends and its socio-cultural context.

Description: The Doctoral Programme in Languages, literatures, cultures and its applications comes from the combination of several programmes that co-exist at the moment: Languages and Literatures, of the UVEG; Language, Literature, Culture and its Applications to the Valencian Context, of the UVEG; Translation and Society of Knowledge, of the UVEG; and Languages and Technology, of the UPV. The fusion of these programmes comes from the desire of offering to future doctors the confluence ok knowledge of the two universities involved. The Master’s Degrees in Languages and technology (coming from a doctoral programme with Quality Award in 2007 in the UPV), in Research in Languages and Literatures, in Linguistic advice and literary culture applied to the Valencian context and in Creative and Humanistic Translation, which has provided doctoral students to the programmes mentioned above, will foreseeably nourish to those which are so far integrated, being expected application forms from other humanistic fields and even from technical degrees.

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