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Connection settings

Device configuration for connection to the wireless network

The wireless network of the University of Valencia is identified with the following SSID: eduroam

The authentication type is PEAP-protected EAP, with server certificate validation, and the secure password authentication method is EAP-MSCHAP-v2.

The configuration of devices for connection to eduroam can be done in two ways:

eduroam installer (recommended)

In this case, prior access to the Internet is required.

If you already have a previous network connection, you can download an eduroam self-installer according to your device and operating system version, at the following address:

The following QR code is a link to the autoinstaller.

Manual installation with certificate

-The other configuration method, the manual, involves installing the certificate to the device. Here you have the configuration parameters:

Keep in mind that it is your user, not your email address. The domains or ( or must be added to your user.


  •     If you belong to the University of Valencia and are visiting another eduroam institution , you need to use the previous installer / configuration, and not the configuration of the institution you are visiting.
  •     If you are a visitor of an institution under eduroam umbrella, you have to use the configuration of your home institution and not follow these steps.