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We will carry out the expenditure audit corresponding to the budget liquidation of the year 2017 following our usual approach, in a decentralised environment. We will inspect the diverse centres and management units for consulting the budget records that make up the selected sample.

The likely schedule of inspections, subject to small variations, to the different centres and units, with which we will be informed well in advance, is as follows:

Regularity audit:

Units preselected for the Regularity Audit:

Tarongers Campus
 Unit  Visit Date
"Gregori Maians" Library of Social Sciences 05 June
"Maria Moliner" Education Library 05 June
Faculty of Biological Sciences 21 May
Faculty of Law 28-29 May
Faculty of Economics 30-31 May
Faculty of Teacher Training 10 May
Tarongers Campus Management Unit 12 June
Tarongers Institutes Support Unit 06-07 June
General Services and Other Entities
 Unit  Visit Date
Press Office 05 June
Accounts and Budgeting Service 26 April
Lifelong Learning and Educational Innovation Service (SFPIE) 12 June
Language Policy Service 13 June
The Audiovisual Workshop 05 June
Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit. Chair for Scientific Dissemination 13 June


Units not preselected for the regularity audit but that are part of the National Plan I+D+I and other expenses:

Burjassot-Paterna Campus
 Unit  Visit Date
Desertification Research Centre (CIDE) 26 April
School of Engineering 14 May
Faculty of Biological Sciencies 21-22 May
Faculty of Mathematics 15 May
Faculty of Pharmacy 14 May
Faculty of Physics 15 May
Faculty of Chemistry 24 June
Burjassot-Paterna Institutes Support Unit 17-18 May
Blasco Ibáñez Campus
 Unit  Visit Date
Faculty of Philology, Translation and Communication 07 May
Faculty of Philosophy and Educational Sciencies 07 May
Faculty of Geography and History 07 May
Faculty of Medicine and Odontology 01 May
Faculty of Psychology 01 May
Blasco Ibáñez Campus Management Unit 01 May

Inventory checking: 

Blasco Ibáñez Campus
 Unit  Visit Date
Historical Archives Information 06 July
"Pelegri Casanova" Health Sciencies Library 04 July
"Joan Reglà" Humanities Library 04 July
Institute "López Piñero" for the History of Medicine and Science (IHMC) 05 July
Research Institute of Personnel Psychology, Organizational Development and Quality of Working Life (Community Psychology Research Institute) 06 July
Inter-university Institute for Valencian Language (IIFV) 06 July
Libraries and Documentation Service (SBD) 05 July
Health and Safety and the Environment Service 04 July
The International Relations and Cooperation Service 05 July
Blasco Ibáñez Campus Management Unit 06 July
Equality Unit 05 July
Unit for the Integration of People with Disabilities 04 July
Support Unit for the Office of the Vice-Principal for Culture and Equality 05 July


                                                             Burjassot-Paterna Campus  
 Unit Visit Date
Departament of Chemical Engineering 02 July
Departament of Preventive Medicine and Public Health, Food Sciencs, Toxicology and Forensic Medicine 02 July
Departament of Genetics 03 July
Departament of Analytical Chemistry 03 July
Faculty of Biological Sciences 03 July
Faculty of Chemistry 03 July
Institute for Integrative Systems Biology 02 July
Institute of Molecular Science (ICMOL) 02 July
Institute of Medical Physics (IFIMED) 02 July
Museum of Geology 03 July
Central Service for Experimental Research (SCSIE) 02 July
Blasco Ibáñez Campus
 Unit  Visit Date
Departament of Pharmacology 03 July
Geomorphology Laboratory 03 July
Physical Education and Sports Service 13 Juny


Update June 2018

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