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mUVies or Virtual University Materials for Research and Education are integrated within a system of generation and creation of multimedia educational content prepared by SFPIE technicians which are used as teaching support resources.

The resources that can be produced are educational mUVies, which offer the teacher a variety of formats suitable for the contents of their subjects (theoretical examples, practical applications, procedural content, participation of students),  mUVie lecture for didactic purpose or teaching innovation, and Videoconferences, both in  UVD 2.0 Classrooms in SFPIE, or virtual conference or meeting rooms.

The production of mUVie resources is carried out at teacher's request, either through a service request or in the context of an Educational Innovation Project. The teacher will decide the subject and format and provide those additional resources (slides, images) that he considers necessary to be included in the mUVie. Our technicians provide their experience in the preparation, recording, production and assembly of these educational resources, giving advice to the teacher in those points that need it.

mUVie resources produced by SFPIE are made available to students and the whole university community through MMedia and are licensed under Creative Commons.

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