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Film and literature in anglophone cultures                              

Dra. Carmen Manuel / Dra. Anna Brígido


Interpersonal communication across genres

Dra. Tina Suau / Dr. Fco.Ivorra

44228 Shapes of hope: Utopian and dystopian fiction Dr. Miguel Martínez
44225 Applied corpus linguistics Dr. Miguel Fuster / Dra. Carmen Gregori
44227 Literature, art and performance in anglophone cultures Dr. Migel Teruel / Dra. Laura Monrós
44230 Research methods and resources: Language and Linguistics Dra. Andreea Rosca
44234 Discourse in the media Dra. Patricia Bou / Dra. Ana B. Cabrejas
44377 Discourse analysis and social inequality Dr. Sergio Maruenda