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Strategic Plan of the University

The Universitat de València has approved the third Strategic Plan of this institution, which teaches, develops research and innovation, generates culture and spreads science and knowledge values.

It is a Strategic Plan that, as a result of reflection, open participation, and permanent feedback process, born in the heart of the university community, stablishes the main priorities of the Universitat for the period 2016-2019.

In this Plan, this horizon is more limited as a consequence of the numerous normative and financial uncertainties that must be faced by the public university in the framework of a persistent economic and fiscal crisis with deep social implications.

In this complex and changeable context, the Universitat de València -reaffirmed in its commitment with Valencian society, in its values as public institution, as well as in its vision as a University with global scope and connected with the territory- formulates this Strategic Plan to improve the quality of the services provided to society as an essential public service.

A public service that promotes the training of both the human resources and citizens capable of facing all the challenges caused by a knowledge-based society that is constantly changing; also capable of facing basic applied science that promotes the necessary change of productive model and Valencian economic structure, as well as increase the scientific and cultural level in the Valencian society.

In conclusion, thanks to this Strategic Plan within a global context, the Universitat de València keeps fulfilling the same aims it had when it was founded more than 5 centuries ago: to be a global scale University at the service of the Valencian society.