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Contracts and Projects

  • Study of the thermal resistance to high temperatures of microorganisms and of quality parameters for the optimisation and validation of high-short processes in whole and sliced vegetables. CICYT
  • Validation of food security through the development of time-temperature integrators and quantification of the impact of new high-short thermal processes on its quality (ALI-94-0959-C02-01)
  • Study of the optimal conditions of treatment with high-intensity electrical pulses (HIPS) for the preservation of fruit and vegetables. (1FD97-0575-C03)
  • Determination of the composition of some Spanish and Moroccan dishes. Spanish International Cooperation Agency (2000)
  • Application of high-intensity electrical pulses (HIPS) for the preservation of fresh orange juice. (PTR 1995-0592-OP-03-03)
  • Optimisation and validation of minimum processes of conservation of a new functional liquid food by applying high-intensity electric pulses (HIPS) alone or with heat. (AGL 2003-05236-C02-02)
  • Optimisation of technology for the industrial production of sterilised horchata (tiger nut milk) to improve quality and safety. GRUPO EL PRADO CERVERA SL (2003)
  • Analysis of darkening/browning in pineapple containers. EDV PACKAGING SOLUTIONS, SL (2004)
  • Determination of the nutritional profile of traditional embutidos (sausages) made without animal fat. CÁRNICAS SERRANO (2005)