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Uniempren is a platform developed with the financing of the Ministry of Education, under the Program of Integrated Assistance and Employability of the university students, whose purpose is to promote and encourage self-employment within the university community
Uniempren is a platform that belongs to the University of Valencia and that is managed from its General Foundation, being the technical personnel of the Observatory of Professional Insertion and Labor Advice (OPAL) the ones who are going to help you throughout the whole process, clearing up your doubts and doing everything possible to make your project a reality.
The services that the platform offer are the following ones:

  • Search of financing by means of crowdfunding.
  • Search of non-monetary collaborations.
  • Search of partners.
  • Advertise the search of private investors.
  • Support the entrepreneur through platform's blog and its social network interaction in Facebook and twitter.

Form more information:
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ADEIT (the University-Business Foundation) activities for entrepreneurs

Through theBusiness Culture Chair , UV students and graduates receive support from ADEIT, the University-Business Foundation, to create business initiatives.

Students who have taken at least 50% of the credits required to graduate can earn 6 free-elective credits by taking the Qui pot ser empresari? course, which covers how to develop a business plan. Since 1999, renowned companies have participated.

It also offers training activities targeted for university graduates such as the free Business Training Course for Developing Business Ideas , financed by "la Caixa".

Seminars for university entrepreneurs ,  promote the entrepreneurial spirit in the university community and provide examples of good business practices for initiatives and business projects by university graduates.

Information and guidance activities for entrepreneurs in cooperation with SERVEF help unemployed university graduates to create their business projects.

In the SERVEF Awards section, you can view business projects created by young university entrepreneurs who have received specific training through the Business Culture Chair. Collaboration for different awards helps to boost the creation and start up of business projects by university students and graduates.

The Chair for Business Culture also organises a Summer School for University Teaching Staff – Entrepreneurial Spirit Developers, which has been held three times since 2009.The 3rd Annual Summer School took place from 11 to 15 July 2011. It has also promoted the creation of RE4, which groups different Spanish universities with the support from the Spanish Ministry of Education.


These activities offered by ADEIT aim to activate the entrepreneurial spirit among university students and graduates. The main objective is to create new, better trained businessmen and women and professionals, as well as provide guidelines and techniques that boost the development of new projects in organisations.

For more information, go to emprenedors@adeit.uv.es