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The Degree in Telematics Engineering confirms EUR-ACE® international accreditation until 2022

The Degree in Telematics Engineering of the Universitat de València has received EUR-ACE® international accreditation until 2022, which recognises the quality of this university degree that is taught at the School of Engineering

Within the framework of the processes for continuous improvement and excellence in the teaching activity of the Universitat de València, which are promoted from the Office of the Vice-Principal for Training Policies and Educational Quality, the Degree in Telematics Engineering has obtained the EUR-ACE® label until 2022. In that year, a revision of the degree and a renewal of the accreditation will take place.

Created in 2006, EUR-ACE® is a label that provides a series of criteria to identify, in Europe and internationally, high-quality engineering degrees.

This certification, awarded by ENAEE (European Network for the Accreditation of Engineering Education) is managed in Spain by ANECA (National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation of Spain) and IIE (Spanish Institute for Energy Engineering), to degrees in engineering accredited within the framework of the programme ACREDITA PLUS.

With the obtaining of this label, the Degree in Telematics Engineering of the UV acquires an international recognition that facilitates academic and professional mobility and offers a guarantee of fulfilling the highest European and international standards in the field of engineering.

The obtaining of this recognition is the result of the joint work for the incorporation of the highest levels of teaching quality, which has been developed from the School of Engineering, the Office of the Vice-Principal for Undergraduate Studies and the Quality Unit of the Universitat de València.