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The group UISYS (Unidad de Información e Investigación Social y Sanitaria, Social and Health Information and Research Unit) carries out research in information sciences, social sciences and health sciences since 2008. Its scientific mission includes planning and conducting high quality multidisciplinary research encompassing professionals from documentation, social and health sciences. It aims at promoting the construction of a framework that enables the integration and collaboration of scientists and groups with similar objectives, as well as excellence in matters related to research, the training of researchers and public service.

The general objective of UISYS is the interdisciplinary approach of excellence in the area of social and health information and in the development of community studies in the same fields. Its main objective is to facilitate informed decision-making, both for the general population and for professionals in public and private institutions. These objectives are achieved through the following lines of research:

  • Information and assessment of scientific activity: development and assessment of scientific information systems, assessment of scientific activity, analysis of scientific and technological policies.
  • Social and health studies: drug addiction, quality of life, sport and culture.


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Aleixandre Benavent, Rafael Research Fellow, CSIC
Doctor of Medicine
Tel. 963926237