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Most of the studies on research activity in the different geographic domains are oriented to characterise the scientific production of countries and regions using as a demarcation criterion the residence country of researchers. However, there are very few projects that focus its analysis on a territorial unit as a thematic domain. The goal of this project is to characterise the scientific production with visibility in regional and international sources addressed to issues and problems circumscribed to the thematic domain “Argentina”. The general objective is to analyse and to describe the collaboration networks and the composition and dynamics of the research group that deal with local issues and problems, as well as to interpret the strategies used by the researchers in the confirmation of these groups and networks.

Main Researcher: Sandra Miguel (Universidad Nacional de la Plata, Argentina)
Participant of the IHMC: María Julia Osca Lluch

Start date: January / 2013.

End date: December / 2015.

Principal investigators: Miguel, Sandra.

Participating researchers: Osca Lluch, María Julia.

Funding agencies: Fondo para la Investigación Científica y Tecnológica (FONCYT), Argentina.

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