IUDESCOOP of the University of Valencia

Course management

Dr María José Vañó Vañó, tenured Professor at the University (University of Valencia)


The Institute on Social and Cooperative Economics IUDESCOOP of the University of Valencia has among its main aims the dissemination of Social and Cooperative Economics in the university community. In this sense, this course aims to inform students of all the degrees in the University of Valencia, the foundations and basic knowledge of Social and Cooperative Economics. It is a course of approach to Social and Cooperative Economics, which is later developed through the university master’s degree in Social Economics (Cooperatives and non-profit Entities).

Course characteristics

The development and application (80% attendance to the course lessons) confer an official Diploma by the University of Valencia.

El curs


The programme is structured into four main chapters:

  • 1. Foundations of Social Economy
    • 1.1. Historical evolution of the concept of Social Economy
    • 1.2. Identification of actors or groups of Social Economy
    • 1.3. Social Economy, Market and State
    • 1.4. Democracy and participation in the organisations of SE
  • 2. Legal and fiscal status of Social Economy
    • 2.1. Social Economy in the European and Spanish legislation
    • 2.2. Legislation in Cooperatives
    • 2.3. Legislation in Associations and Foundations
    • 2.4. Taxation system of Social Economy companies
  • 3. Social Economy Business Groups
    • 3.1. Legal forms of business Groups
    • 3.2. Innovation networks in Social Economy
    • 3.3. Information and communication technologies in SE
  • 4. Administration and Business Management of Social Economy
    • 4.1. Strategic Management in businesses of Social Economy
    • 4.2. Local development and inland tourism businesses
    • 4.3. Agricultural cooperative movement
    • 4.4. The cooperative credit: rural Banks and credit divisions

Price and enrolment


Check the regulations of the University Extension Service in the webpage of the University of Valencia


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