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GSIC Projects. Completed

WISERNETS project has three main objectives, which can be described briefly as follows: 1. Fundamental limits and design of novel algorithms for distributed spectrum sensing in WSN aided-cognitive radios, enabling them to make decisions on whether they are located in actual spectrum holes or not.
The objective of COSIMA is to develop novel communication methods at the physical level for the interference management in wireless communication networks.
The main innovative concept proposed in this project consists in developing the fundamental theory and the algorithms required for a technology of cognitive radios supported by a sensor network, which will solve the different problems.
COMONSENS project focuses on the fundamental theory, algorithm design and implementation in two main themes: - Communication Networks - Sensor Networks
The context of the project VARIMOS is the creation of a wireless networks sensors for environmental monitoring. These types of networks propose in its deployment a number of challenges given the processing, storage, power and communication constraints.
SENDORA project focuses on developing innovative techniques based on sensor networks, which will support the coexistence of licensed and unlicensed wireless users in the same area.
The main aim of the INFOCOM thematic network is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and the training of researchers between the various national research groups that develop their activities in this field.
This project is focused in accidents prevention including advanced electronic systems in a new signposting scene with cooperative technologies or I2V (Infrastructure-to-Vehicle Communication).
The EINA (Intelligent and Accessible Environments) project stems from the desire to improve the opportunities for personal autonomy and social participation of people with a PC and ASD, providing them with a technological tool to control a range of basic devices in their daily life, in an accessible and understandable way.
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