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GSIC research lines

Analysis, Design and Deployment of heterogeneous Sensor Networks optimized for different applications

Optimization of practical algorithms and communication protocols in order to tailor the deployment of highly heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks to several applications:
Remote and Intelligent Large-scale Environmental Monitoring
Ambient Intelligence for people with different types of disabilities
Advanced co-operative Communications and Sensing for traffic applications
Autonomous and Self-Organized Quality Control of Natural Resources
Cognitive Radios for Nomadic Broadband Access 

De-centralized Communications and Processing for Networks

Distributed source-channel coding for wireless networks, decentralized routing and MAC algorithms, network correlated data-gathering, co-operative processing under communication constraints, MIMO wireless systems, heterogeneous networks, Game theory in networks, complexity analysis and approximation algorithms in network problems 

General Signal Processing, Communications and Information Theory

Sampling and efficient signal representation, Oversampled A/D conversion, design and application of wavelet filter banks, frames, robust signal classification, statistical inference and data mining, Lattices and its applications (Rate-Distortion and channel coding), joint source-channel coding, information science of complex dynamic systems, complexity analysis and approximation algorithms, co-operative diversity in communications, Cognitive radios, network capacity related issues, iterative message-passing based coding systems.

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