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First year

Teaching staff of Universidad de Valencia, First year
Pedro Gil-Monte Pedro Gil-Monte
He is Doctor of Psychology, and Master's Degree in Human Resources Management. He is Tenured Lecturer of Psychology of Work and of the Organisations in Universitat de València, assigned to the Department of Social Psychology (Faculty of Psychology). He is Director of UNIPSICO (Psychosocial Research Unity of the Organisational Behaviour) that is dedicated to the research and solution of the problems related to the realisation of the work and to the management of human resources in the labour organisations, to the study of the factors and psychosocial risks, and specially to the work stress, to the mobbing and to the burnout syndrome (SQT) to dessign intervention strategies addressed to improve the quality of working life of professionals and workers in general. Furthermore, he is a member of the Academic Committee of the "Master's Degree in Occupational Health and Safety of Universitat de València", and professor of the subjects of Psychosociology applied to occupational risks.
Ángel Martínez Moreno
He is adjunct lecturer to the Department of Social Psychology of Universitat de València. He is clinical psychologist and consultant in the field of Organisations and Human Resources. Among his most important publications as a researcher we can find: «Professionals de la psicologia en serveis socials: La transformació d'un rol» («Psychology professionals in social services: the transformation of a role»), «Implicaciones de la transformación del contexto sociolaboral en la gestión de recursos humanos» («Implications of the transformation of social and labour context in the management of human resources»), «La calidad: estrategia o control en la prestación de servicios en un sistema de economía mixta del bienestar» («Quality: strategy or control in the provision of services in a system of mixed-economy welfare»). In his teaching aspects he is professor of psychology of Human Resources on the Degree of Psychology of Universitat de València.
Salvador Gil-Pareja Salvador Gil-Pareja
He is graduate and Doctor in Economic and Business Sciences from Universitat de València (Special Award in both cases) and Master's Degree of Science in Economics from the University College London. From 2009 he is Full University Professor of Applied Economics in Universitat de València. He has been a visiting researcher in FEDEA (Applied Economics Studies Foundation), in the RCC of Harvard University (USA), Inter-American Development Bank (USA), in the World Bank (USA), and in several Spanish universities. Also, he has participated as a lead researcher in many competitive research projects and he is author of several book chapters and articles published in magazines of international repute such as European Economic Review, Review of International Economics, Economics Letters, The World Economy, Oxford Economic Papers, Review of World Economics, Journal of Applied Economics, Regional Studies or Papers in Regional Science, among others. He has been a treasurer and an elected member of the governing board of Asociación Española de Economía y Finanzas (2005-2011), and from 2006 he is adjunct editor of the Revista de Economía Aplicada. Currently, its research lines focuse on the field of the promotion of exportations and on the impact study of the financial crisis and of the trade preferential agreements.
Silviano Esteve Pérez Silviano Esteve
Graduate in Economic and Business Sciences from Universitat de València (Special Award), Msc and Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Warwick (United Kingdom), Tenured Lecturer of Applied Economics of the Universitat de València (Department of Economic Structure). His research focuses principally in the field of industrial economy and international economy. His research focuses on the processes of creation and destruction of corporations, fundamental in the survival of the corporations in the export market. Also, he has participated in several research projects and his work has been published in international repute magazines such as International Journal of Industrial Organization, Small Business Economics, Oxford Economic Papers, Economic Inauiry, Review of Industrial Organization, Empirical Economics.
Julio Fernández Garrido Julio Fernández Garrido
Dean of the Faculty of Nursing of Universitat de València. He is a nurse, anthropologist, and doctor in Social Anthropology, and professor of the Department of Nursery since 1992. He is also professor in Universitat dels Majors in Gandia. After a few years in which he combined his labour as a professor with hospital care activity in the field of emergencies (Hospital Clínic Universitari of València), and of geriatrics afterwards (Residència Publica de Silla), he linked his professional career to the teaching and research context in Universitat de València. He is coordinator of the unit “Cures de Salut” in the Master's Degree in Social and Health Care in Dependency of the UV.
His teaching experience complements a rich research activity (author of books, numerous chapters in books of international dissemination, scientific articles, more than fifty talks and communications in scientific congresses and research projects supported by different Institutions (F.I.S. S., I.V.I.I., I.M.P.I.V. A., and Leonardo da Vinci among others), that has drifted in the recent years towards a research on the factors that influence the life quality of different circumstances of the life cycle (chronicity, fragility and dependency) and towards the anthropology of the cures. Fernández has collaborated systematically with different institutions and associations of national and international nature for the development of the research and promotion of nursery teaching, which took him to be a member of the National Committee of Experts for the dessign and for the Specialties in Nursing, organised by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education. Nowadays, he is the Secretary.
Omar Cauli Omar Cauli
He is assistant lecturer in the Department of Nursing of the Faculty of Nursing and Podiatry of Universitat de València. He got his PhD in this university with a Thesis called «Alteraciones motoras en hiperamonemia y encefalopatía hepática: papel de los receptores del glutamato» («Motor disorders in hyperamonemia and hepatic encephalopathy: role of the glutamate receptors»). From then he published dozens of research articles in scientific magazines in the field of the physiopathology and clinical biochemistry. As a professor he teaches “Biophysics and byichemistry”, “Physiology”, “Physiopathology”, and “Introduction to research in the nursing field”, in the Degrees in Podiatry, Nursing and in the Master's Degree in Oncology Nursing.
Remigi Morant Remigi Morant
He is professor of the Department of Teaching of Musical, Visual and Corporal Expression on the Faculty of Teacher Training of Universitat de València. He got his PhD in the Universitat Jaume I with a Thesis called «Perspectivas docentes de las escuelas de música de las sociedades musicales valencianas: historia, presente y futuro» («Teaching views of the music school of the Valencian music societies: history, present and future»). He focused his research in the music schools and soundtracks in children's television programmes. In the teaching field he gives “Stimulation and early intervention”, “Musical processes in children's education”, “School workplacements in children's education”, “Music and movement” or “Research in music education” among others, on the Degrees in Preschool Education and Primary School Education and on the Master's Degree in Research in Specific Didactics in Universitat de València. He is also consultant in the Federación de Sociedades Musicales and has worked as a director of bands of different towns in the district of La Safor.