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The DATANAU programme consists of a database, permanent and dynamic, made through the personalised survey for Teaching and Research Staff (PDI) and Administrative and Service Staff (PAS) during the academic year 2010-2011. It collects a complete information about the professional experience and the predisposition to collaborate with the PDI community and the PAS management team with local organisations (city halls, communities or associations) regarding the different topics and formats: training activities, projects, advising, etc.

Procedure to consult the survey of the DATANAU programme by the interested PDI.

The process by which a PDI can consult or modify the survey for the DATANAU programme is:

  1. Fill in the file of “Exercise of the right of access “ by the PDI.
  2. Processing of the mentioned file (electronically or through entry register) at the support unit of the Office of the Vice-Principal for Territorial Projection and Participation.
  3. Resolution of the right of access to the file by the Office of the Vice-Principal.
  4. Resolution of the access and the file attachment (DATANAU survey) to the PDI by the support unit.

Survey’s model for the PDI
DATANAU participation results