On the intrinsic two-dimensionality of the CSF and its measurement
J. Malo, A.M. Pons, A. Felipe and J.M. Artigas
Journal of Optics, Vol. 25, 3, pp 93-103 (1994)


Classically the visual system sensitivity has been studied separately as a function of spatial frequency and orientation, without explicitly pointing out the relation between both parameters. As the visual system processes two-dimensional signals, its Contrast Sensitivity Function (CSF) is intrinsically two-dimensional too, and therefore, the dependence of the 1D CSF on orientation may be obtained by considering different radial profiles of the 2D CSF.

In the present work, we propose a straightforward method to obtain the maximum ammount of information about the 2D CSF with few experimental measures. The results show that for emmetropic observers two perpendicular radial profiles of the CSF are enough to describe the behaviour of the function in the whole 2D frequency domain, where as for the most common astigmatism cases, it is necessary to include another at intermediate angles.

Key Words: Spatial frequency filtering. 2D Contrast Sensitivity Function. 2D Point Spread Function

References: 12

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