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L'Internationale (The International) was a revolutionary song that emerged in connection with the development of the working class movement in late nineteenth-century France. The words are by Pottier (1871) and the music by Degeyter. L'Internationale has since come to be associated with all communist movements, and is still sung standing with fist clenched to symbolize working class solidarity.

Castellano-España: La Internacional - versión tecno (vídeo)
Castellano-Latinoamérica: La Internacional
Catalan: La Internacional
Catalan (2on version): La Internacional
Chinese: Yīngtènàxióngnài'ěr
Danish: Internationale
Deustch: Die Internationale
Dutch: De Internationale
English: The Internationale
English-South Africa: The Internationale
English-Billy Bragg's: The Internationale
English-Maxx Klaxon: The Internationale
Esperanto: La Internacio
Finnish: Internationale
Français: L'Internationale
Galego: A Internacional
Hungarian: Internacionálé
Italiano: L'Internazionale
Maori: Te Hunga Mahi
Portugues: A Internacional
Pilipino: Internasyonal
Russian: С Интернационалом
Swedish: Ty Internationalen
Turkish: Enternasyonal (Grup Yorum: only if you have a Sound Card)
Yiddish: Dem Internationale
Zulu: i-Internationale


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