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List of abstract titles:

Alic, Daniela

Novel techniques in the numerical modeling of relativistic astrophysical plasmas

Aloy, Miguel-Angel

Powering short GRBs by mergers of moderately magnetized neutron stars

Amano, Takanobu

Kinetic and self-consistent numerical modeling of the terrestrial inner magnetosphere

Amari, Tahar

Reconstruction algorithms for the solar coronal magnetic field

Audit, Edouard

A numerical model for multigroup radiation hydrodynamics

Balsara, Dinshaw

High Accuracy Numerical MHD with Stiff Source Terms & Multi-dimensional Riemann Solvers -- Application to Two-fluid Turbulence

Bisikalo, Dmitry

Gaseous flows in the inner part of the circum-binary disk of the T Tauri star

Blakesley, Burkhart

Bridging the Gap: Connecting ISM Turbulence Theory and Observations

Büchner, Joerg

Large-scale fluid-based and kinetic simulations of Solar Plasmas

Carroll-Nellenback, Jonathan

Seeing to the Forrest: AstroBEAR 2.0, Distributed Trees, Multi-level Updates & a Highly Parallelized AMR Multiphysics Code

Cunningham, Andrew

Isothermal Magnetized Bondi Accretion

Daldorff, Lars Kristen Selberg

Fourier Vlasov-Maxwell solver in four-dimensional phase space

Del Zanna, Luca

Parametric decay of Alfven waves: on the role of solar wind expansion

Downes, Turlough

Multifluid magnetohydrodynamic turbulence in weakly ionised astrophysical plasmas

Dumbser, Michael

Very High Order PNPM Schemes on Unstructured Meshes for Classical and Relativistic MHD Equations

Dyadechkin, Sergey

Introduction of curvilinear coordinates in FMI HYB hybrid model: Status report

Falle, S.A.E.G.

Comparison between AMR and SPH

Florinski, Vladimir

Heliospheric modeling on geodesic grids

Font, José A.

Numerical relativity simulations of the Papaloizou-Pringle instability in black hole-torus systems

Feng, Xueshang

Recent Progress & Future Avenue of 3D Solar Storm Modeling by SIP-CESE-MHD Model

Galtier, Sebastien

MHD turbulence and the solar wind

Ganse, Urs

Numerical challenges in kinetic simulations of three-wave interactions

Germaschewski, Kai

Extending global magnetosphere simulations beyond MHD

Giacomazzo, Bruno

Magnetized Binary Neutron Star Mergers

Goldstein, Melvyn

Nonlinear interactions of Alfvénic fluctuations in a spherically expanding solar wind

Hanawa, Tomoyuki

Dynamical Stability of Galactic Shocks

Hidalgo, Carlos

Influence of 3D physics on plasma rotation and transport in fusion plasmas

Howes, Gregory

Gyrokinetic Simulations of Solar Wind Turbulence

Izmodenov, Vlad

Modeling of partly ionized non-equilibrium solar wind/LISM plasma interactions

Janhunen, Pekka

New PIC simulation results of solar wind electric sail

Jiang, Yanfei

A new 3D radiation MHD code - beyond diffusion approximation

Kang, Hyesung

Nonthermal Radiation from Weak Cosmological Shocks

Karimabadi, Homa

Recent Advances in Kinetic Simulations and Analysis Techniques

Keppens, Rony

Dusty circumstellar environments: numerical simulations with MPI-AMRVAC

Kim, Woong-Tae

Gas Dynamics in Central Regions of Barred Galaxies: Two-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Simulations

Kiuchi, Kenta

Gravitational waves and neutrino emission from the merger of binary neutron stars

Klein, Richard

Radiation Hydrodynamic AMR Simulations of High Mass Star Formation: The Effects of Feedback in Cores to Clusters

Kolobov, Vladimir

Simulations of weakly ionized plasmas with adaptive Cartesian mesh

Kritsuk, Alexei

Comparing Numerical Methods for Isothermal Magnetized Supersonic Turbulence

Kucharek, Harald

Hybrid Simulations for the Evolution of Ion Distributions and the Associated ENA Production at the Termination Shock

Kulpa-Dybe, Katarzyne

The effect of supernova rate on magnetic field evolution in barred and ringed galaxies

Lanzafame, Giuseppe

Semi-Lagrangian implicit integrations in SPH modelling: a model of the accretion disc in a microquasar

Lazarian, Alex

To what extent magnetic fields are frozen in astrophysical fluids?

Lee, Dongwook

Development of a Jacobian-Free Newton-Krylov implicit solver in FLASH

Li, Bo

Modeling the multi-component solar wind: a few numerical aspects and potential applications to stellar winds

Li, Shengtai

High-Order Divergence-Free AMR Method for MHD Flows

Lovelace, Richard

Numerical Modeling of Jets from Accretion Disks

Mac Low, Mordecai-Mark

MHD simulations of a supernova-driven ISM and the warm ionized medium using a positivity preserving ideal MHD scheme

Markidis, Stefano

Global Particle-in-Cell Simulations of Magnetospheres

Matsumoto, Yosuke

Multiscale simulations of the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability

McNally, Colin

Phurbas - Adaptive Lagrangian Meshless Magnetohydrodynamics

Meliani, Zakaria

Two-shell collisions in the GRB afterglow phase

Mignone, Andrea

Adaptive Mesh Computations with the PLUTO code for Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics

Miniati, Francesco

Resistive generation of intergalactic magnetic field at cosmic dawn

Minoshima, Takashi

Multi-Moment Advection scheme for Vlasov simulations

Miyoshi, Takahiro

On numerical shock instabilities of Harten-Lax-van Leer-type approximate Riemann solvers

Moiseenko, Sergey

Magnetorotational processes in core-collapse supernovae

Moreno-Insertis, Fernando

3D-modeling of the emergence of magnetized plasma from the solar interior

Müller, Bernhard

Recent Advances in Simulations of Core-Collapse Supernovae

Müller, Hans-Reinhard

Direct modeling of neutral helium in the heliosphere

Müller, Wolf

Surprises in the theory of anisotropic magnetohydrodynamic turbulence

Ng, Chung-Sang

Large-Scale High-Lundquist Number Reduced MHD Simulations of the Solar Corona using GPU Accelerated Machines

Nishikawa, Ken-ichi

Simulation of Relativistic Jets and Associated Self-consistent Radiation

Nominé, Jean-Philippe

PRACE Research Infrastructure: Petascale Computing Resources for European Scientists

Obergaulinger, Martin

MHD simulations of non-rotating stellar core collapse with neutrinos

Perucho, Manel

ICM reheating by relativistic jets

Pierrard, Viviane

Coupling the plasmasphere model with the ionosphere

Pogorelov, Nikolai

Modeling Nonstationary Heliosphere with the Multi-Scale Fluid-Kinetic Simulation Suite

Radice, David

Discontinuous Galerkin methods for general relativistic hydrodynamics

Raeder, Jimmy

Multi-scale Physics in the Magnetosphere

Rezzolla, Luciano

Modelling the dynamics of compact-object binaries in general relativity

Romanova, Marina M.

Global Simulations of MRI-driven Accretion onto Magnetized Stars

Roussev, Ilia

Global MHD Modeling of CMEs and Related Shock Waves Originating from Complex Active Regions

Ryu, Dongsu

Relativistic MHD Codes for Adiabatic and Isothermal Flows

Schmidt, Wolfram

Modeling unresolved processes in the turbulent multiphase interstellar medium

Servidio, Sergio

Numerical experiments of magnetic reconnection in two-dimensional turbulence

Shen, Fang

3-D MHD Simulation of the Two CMEs' Propagation and Interaction Using Successive Magnetized Plasma Blobs Model

Skinner, Michael

A two-moment radiation hydrodynamics module in Athena using a Godunov method

Spanier, Felix

Hybrid simulations of charged particle motion in the heliosphere

Stergioulas, Nikolaos

Magneto-elastic oscillations and magnetar QPOs

Sugiyama, Tooru

PIC calculation on GPGPU system

Toropina, Olga

MHD Simulation of Bondi-Hoyle Accretion onto Magnetized Neutron Star

Toth, Gabor

Magnetohydrodynamics with Anisotropic Ion Pressure

Usmanov, Arcadi

Three-dimensional modeling of the solar wind: From the coronal base to the outer heliosphere

Van Loo, Sven

Suppressing the star formation rate with magnetic fields

Wu, Shi

Modeling of Solar Active Region on the Basis of A Three-Dimensional, Time-Dependent Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) Model

Yan, Huirong

Cosmic Ray Transport in MHD Turbulence: large and small scale interactions

Yee, Helen

On Numerical Methods for Hypersonic Turbulent Flows

Zank, Gary P.

The transport of low frequency turbulence in astrophysical flows: Governing model