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The Trumpet is made by a 65-72 cm length tube coiled form “A” tube. The Trumpet is made of brass or gold brass. The most thoroughly used are the C Trumpet and the B-flat Trumpet. It has three valves or three rotary valves (German model), operated by the right hand. The left hand just hold the instrument. As well as the Horn, it can be played with different mutes, which change the typical sound of the Trumpet.

The trumpet players play by blowing into a mouthpiece, such as the hornists. It is usually pitched in the key of C or B-flat and notated in treble clef. It means that when it is pitched in B-flat, when they play a C it sounds a B-flat. The trumpet range goes from F-sharp3 to C6. Its low register sounds metallic, dark and heroic, whereas the middle register is full, brilliant, rounded and magnificent. The upper register is bright, shrill, penetrating and vivid.

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