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New web site of the Professorship of Dental Implantology

  • Web and Marketing Unit
  • Cristina Soriano Cabellos
  • May 22nd, 2023
Cátedra de Implantología Dental

The Web and Marketing Unit launches the new website of the Professorship of Dental Implantology Galimplant - UV. A portal with an easy and intuitive navigation thanks to a modern and attractive design, with great presence of graphic elements.

The UWM has developed this website, as it has done before with about thirty Chairs of the University of Valencia that have requested to have corporate websites under the umbrella of the University of Valencia. The URL of the Professorship of Dental Implantology Galimplant is

The Professorship of Dental Implantology, with the aim of improving the promotion, accessibility and dissemination of its lines of action, requested the creation of a new website to publicize the actions it carries out in the field of dental implantology, both to improve the training of professionals and to optimize the materials and techniques used in this specialty of dentistry. Thus, the new portal has a web structure through which contents such as basic information about the Chair (contact details, team and collaborating entities) and others such as activities, training and publications of the Chair are displayed. There is also a last tab dedicated to the program UVCátedras of the University of Valencia.

The new portal has a clear and intuitive web structure, with a very visual design that shows at first level the news that the professorship wants to communicate to its users. This website is adapted to the web content manager of the Universitat de València and aims to contribute to disseminate the work developed by the  Professorship of Dental Implantology Galimplant-UV in the framework of the UVCátedras program.

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