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The Universitat de València and the Galimplant business create the Dental Implantology Chair

  • December 12th, 2022
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The principal of the Universitat de València, Mª Vicenta Mestre, and the Galimplant manager, Leana Kathleen Bragança, have signed a collaboration agreement for creating the Galimplant Dental Implantology Chair.

The Institutional Chair of Dental Implantology UV-Galimplant will foster training, research, transfer and knowledge dissemination in the field of dental implantology and bone regeneration. 

This chair starts its path under the guidance of the Doctor David Peñarrocha, professor of the Department of Stomalogy of the Universitat de València, who will be the director of the Chair.

The Galimplant firm, a business dedicated to produce and commercialise dental materials related with implantology, dental implants and regenerative materials, among others, have shown their gratitude to the entire team of the Universitat de València, specially to the Dr. David Peñarrocha, “one of the main authors and one of the most supportive persons in this project”. From Galimplant they have highlighted the fact that through this collaboration agreement they will completely support the UV “with the aim of fostering training and encouraging projects born in the Chair”.

Among the training activities that this Chair will organise can be found the organisation of conferences, seminars, promotion of courses, boosting the productions of publications, awarding scholarships or grants and development of research and innovation areas. All of them are related not only with periimplant diseases and the treatment with dental implants, but also with more innovative techniques such as bone regeneration, immediate loading, soft tissue grafts, etc.