Gustau Camps-Valls

"Poquet a poquet arribarem lluny," La ueli.

Gustau Camps-Valls
Image Processing Laboratory (IPL)
     Parc Científic Universitat de València
     C/ Catedràtic José Beltrán, 2
     46980 Paterna (València). Spain
+34 963 544 064 +34 963 543 261

Full Professor in Electrical Engineering
    Dept. Electrical Engineering - Universitat de València
Group leader
    Image and Signal Processing (ISP)
Visiting Researcher
     Signal Processing Department, UC3M (Madrid), 2001
     Remote Sensing Lab (Univ. Trento, Italy), 2005
     Max Planck Institute (Tübingen, Germany), 2009
Invited Professor
     École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, 2013
IEEE Distinguished Lecturer
     IEEE | GRSS, 2017-2020
IEEE Fellow
     IEEE | GRSS, SPS, 2018
ELLIS Fellow & Program Coordinator
     ELLIS ML for Earth & Climate Science
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Awards & Recognitions
2023 Highly Cited Researcher in the field of Geosciences
2023 18 InCites "Highly Cited Papers" + 5 "Research Front Papers"
2023 Top 2% World Cited Researchers in 2020-2023
2022 ESA-EGU Excellence Award for Research Groups (Finalist)
2022 Fellow of the Academia Europaea (“Earth and Cosmic Sciences”)
2022 Fellow of the European Academy of Sciences (“Earth and Environmental Sciences”)
2022 Fellow of Asia-Pacific Artificial Intelligence Association (AAIA)
2021 Fellow ACM member
2021 Member of the ESSC panel, European Science Foundation (ESF)
2021 Highly Cited Researcher 2021
2020 InCites TM: 6 Essential Science Indicators & 1 Hot Paper
2020 ELLIS Program Coordinator ML for Earth & Climate Science
2020 ERC Synergy Grant 2020 (w/ V. Eyring, M. Reichstein, P. Gentine)
2020 Highly Cited Researcher 2020
2019 ELLIS Fellow
2018 IEEE Fellow (GRSS and SPS chapters)
2018 InCites TM: Four papers ranked as Essential Science Indicators
2017 Best Paper Award in IEEE IGARSS 2017
2017 IEEE Distinguished Lecturer (GRSS chapter)
2017 Google classic paper in Engineering/Comp.Sci./Rem.Sens.
2015 ERC Consolidator Grant 2015
2011 Highly Cited Researcher 2011
2011 Thomson Reuters ScienceWatch: Fast Moving Front research
2011 Thomson Reuters: most-cited paper in Engineering in 2011