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Practical issues

With the following information and suggestions we intend to guarantee the correct functioning of our school and avoid any type of event that might endanger the well-being of any of the people who participate in La Nau.

Opening Hours.

 The usual opening hour of the school is from 8 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. at the assigned room to each group. The point of entry will be the location where the children make the activity.

Pick-up of your children

 From 2 p.m. to 3 p.m.
People allowed to pick-up the children:

  1. Those who are stated at the registration form.
  2. Those who are authorised with a specific authorisation form (which can be handed in to the instructor at the different headquarters of the School when necessary).
  3. Those who show the pick-up credential with the full name of the child.

In order to have a correct level of safety, during the first week or any other day if it is considered necessary, and especially in the trips, teachers will be able to ask for the ID of the person who is going to pick up the child. We ask for your collaboration in order to guarantee the safety of the children. Due to organisational reasons, children will always be collected in the room of the group they are part of, regardless of the last activity that they have done. They can also be collected at the dining room if the child is a user of this service. If the child does not arrive to an exit on time, the person who is going to collect him can wait him in the room.

  • Permission for collecting a child (other people)
  • Permission for letting young people to leave on their own.
  • Form for general communications.


What to wear: 

  • Comfortable clothes and footwear, La Nau t-shirt and cap.
  • It is recommended to put on sun cream every day before leaving the house.
  • A water bottle, which will stay in the school all month.

What not to wear:

  • Money: children have all food prepared for them at the school and they cannot purchase anything during the duration of the school.
  • Mobile phones, music devices, games and other technological devices: their use heavily damages the development of the activities and the group work and its use is not allowed.

What does the school provide:

  • Lunch and water.
  • Snacks for children who do not attend the dining room (fruit, juice…).
  • Two t-shirts and a cap for each child.
  • Material for all the activities.

Throughout the month of July different day trips and visits to the swimming pool will take place. The best thing to do is to check the schedule the day before and prepare the backpack with all that is necessary for the next day.

For swimming days:

  • It is recommended to carry a backpack, towel, change of clothes, flip-flops, a plastic bag for the wet clothes and high sun protection. The smallest ones have to come with the swimming gear on.

For the day trips:

  • It is recommended to wear suitable clothes and foot wear for each day trip, as well as backpack, t-shirt and La Nau cap and high sun protection.

To avoid surprises

Because of large number of children who attend school and the intense heat during the summer months, it is advisable to take appropriate measures from home to avoid the apparition and propagation of lice.

Although you do not notice the presence of the lice, you have to take the appropriates measures.

  • When you arrive at home you have to revise your hair.
  • By coming to school, you try to tie their hair and recommend to your children the use of the cap.

If you notice the presence of the lice:

  • Apply an effective treatment following the instructions of the manufacturer.
  • Do not bring your children to La Nau until you are that you have completely eliminated the presence of lice.