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Alliance for Organizational Psychology(AOP) Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP)go to web go to web EAWOP Small Group Meeting on Innovation in Organizations, Initiative and Creativity: A Dialectic Perspective


Prof. José M. Peiró, PhD

University of Valencia

President of the International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP)

Director of the University Research Institute of Human Resources Psychology, Organizational Development and Quality of Working life (IDOCAL)

University Research Institute of Human Resources Psychology, Organizational Development and Quality of Working life (IDOCAL)International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP)IVIEADEIT. Relations with companies

 The European Scholarship for South Africans European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP) EM-iDEAOPAL. Career Services




  • March 19 : José M. Peiró, President of the ENOP (European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology). Read interview in the University of Valencia. More info


  • July 7 : The Executive Council of EFPA would like to congratulate Dr. José Maria Peiró from the University of Valencia (Spain) for being elected to be the winner of the Aristotle Prize 2015. Read interview in INFOCOP ONLINE. More info


  • May 23-25: José M. Peiró receives the Life Time Contributions Award from EAWOP. EAWOP Congress in Munster, Germany. More info
  • May 6-8: Eastern Africa Regional Conference of Psychology (EARCP-   6th – 8th November, 2013) and to Uganda, Kampala. More info
  • March, 7-8. First European Conference Update on Crisis and Disaster Psychology & Management. The CIBCN2013 is aimed at all professionals and sectors of the country that are directly or indirectly related to crisis management and emergency care level or organizations. Barcelona, Spain. More info


  • August, 25. workshop on the management of work related stress from a cross cultural perspective. The Institute for Cross Cultural Management at the Florida Institute of Technology (USA). More info
  • June, 26. Study presentation: Observatory of young people's transition to the labour market. Valencia. More info
  • April, 20. Opening Conference by J. M. Peiro. 1º Congresso Nacional Da Ordem Dos Psicologos Portugueses. Centro Cultural de Belém | 18th - 21st of Abril 2012. More info
  • February, 20. Universidad de Almería and the professional association Colegio de Psicólogos de Castilla y León awarded Universitat de València’s professor José María Peiró Silla. Colegio Oficial de Psicólogos de Castilla y León awarded him last February 17th the Huarte de San Juan prize, while Universidad de Almería is awarding him next February 21th with the Facultad de Psicología’s medal for his contribution and collaboration with this centre. More info.
  • November, 9. Conference "Sustainable well-being at work" in the Conference Psychology – a Contribution to EU Policy Making Known to few, good for many. European Parliament Brussels (Belgium), 9th of November 2011. More info.
  • October, 20-25. Invited lecture of J.M. Peiro on Public employment during economic crisis: A view from Human Resources Psychology. Seminar on Public employment in crisis times. Valencia (Spain), 20 nd-25th of october 2011. More info.
  • October, 16-20. Seminar on Research methodology: Application to Work and Organizational Psychology. This Seminar was delivered at the Research institute IDOCAL (University of Valencia) as an activity of of the Project Tempus IV MPTUM (Master De Psychologie du Travail dans les  Universites du Magreb). The teaching staff was Profs. Remi Kouabenan (U. Grenoble) and Jose M: Peiró (Univerity of Valencia)and the participants were Directors, and research coodinators of the Master at the six Universities of the Magreb countries (Tunis, Alger and Marocco). More info.
  • May, 3-4. Prof. Peiró member of the Panel on "Models of Preventive Culture for accidents at work". The pressentation will take place next 4th of May in the context of the International Agora of Road Safety that will be held in Valencia (Spain) the next 3-4 of May 2001. More info.
  • April,12. Invited Adress on "Change Management in organizations: People and New tchnologies". More info.
  • April, 11. Keynote address on "Contributions of Work and Organizational Psychology during Economic crisis"  delivered at the National Congress of Psychology Students, Valencia. More info.
  • April, 2. Conference on "Occupational Health Psychology". Granada, Spain. Prof. José M. Peiró received the Gold Medal of Merit with distinctive red in the field of Industrial Relations and Work Science. More info
  • February, 20 - March, 5. Joint Intensive Learning Unit (Winter School). [Prof Zijlstra, Prof. Roe, Prof. Guess, Prof. Zappala, Prof. Rogard, Prof. Andriessen, Prof. Steiner, Prof. Briner and Prof. Lievens], Gandia, Spain. More info
  • February, 7 .Conference "Lessons learned in the Planning and implementation of the Erasmus Mundus Master Program on WOP-P" in the Erasmus Mundus Symposium organized by VLC / CAMPUS. Valencia, Spain. More info
  • January, 12-14 . Presentation on the Master's Erasmus Mundus WOP-P at the Annual Conference of the DOP of the British Psychological Society. Stratford-Upon-Avon, United Kingdom, UK. More info

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