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The body in charge of carrying out the admission and evaluating the different curricula submitted will be a Committee specifically designated for this purpose by the Academic Coordinating Committee, which will be composed of three teaching staff.

The criteria to be considered by the Committee in deciding the admission of the candidates, which are always subject to the knowledge of at least one of the co-official languages of the Universitat de València (in the case of students coming from education systems that do not guarantee this, candidates may be required to provide proof of level B2) is the following:
1. Suitability of previous education to the recommended entry profile (20 points maximum).
· Official Degree or Equivalent (such as llicenciatura) in Criminology (20 points).
· Official Degree or Equivalent (such as llicenciatura) in Psychology, Law, Sociology, Social Work or Social Education (15 points).
· Official Degree or Equivalent (such as llicenciatura) in other university studies with a social profile or related to the content of the Master’s Degree (10 points).
1. Academic record of the qualification submitted for access. The academic record may be weighed considering the average mark of the Degree completed (10 points maximum).
2. Complementary training related to Criminology and Security: postgraduate courses or specialisation courses, other qualifications different from the one alleged for access, etc. (5 points maximum).
3. Professional experience (priority is given to the evaluation of the experience that implies the passing of selective tests in the field of public service or competitive personnel selection processes), teaching dedication or research activity in the area of the Master’s Degree (5 points maximum).
4. Knowledge of scientific interest languages, particularly the English language (5 points maximum).
5. Interest shown in this discipline: 5 additional points will be assigned to those who have applied for this Master’s Degree as their first option in their pre-enrolment application.