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If you are a student or worker at the UV, you now have the opportunity to profit from the current Partnership Agreement between the University of Valencia and MetroValencia.

To obtain your personal Tarjeta Sin Contacto (TSC) go to one of the Centros de Atención al Cliente (CAC, Customer Service Centers) or Punt del Client of Metrovalencia. It costs €4.
If you already have a TSC of this Agreement and want to continue using it during the 2015-2016 academic year, request its reactivation at any CAC or Punt del Client for €2.

Required documentation:

  • Form provided by FGV (only if requesting the card for the first time).
  • DNI/NIE and original certificate of enrolment for the 2015-2016 academic year (students) or a document accrediting your affiliation to the UVEG (workers).
  • If requesting the card for the first time, you must provide a DNI-sized photo.
  • If requesting the reactivation of a card issued in previous years, the card must be presented.

New cards and reactivations will be issued and delivered as soon as possible and within a maximum of 15 days.

Periods for processing applications:

  • First period from  25 September to 30 November, 2015. At the end of this term,  the cards that have not been reactivated will be blocked.
  • Second period from 25 January to 25 February, 2016.

The card is only valid for the Metrovalencia network and can be loaded with a monthly pass, which allows for unlimited journeys within the area of validity from date of purchase.

To load your card for the first time, go to any ticket office, CAC or Punt del Client. To reload it, use any Metrovalencia automatic ticket machine or ticket office. If your card is activated, you can also load it with a single ticket, return ticket, bonometro or bono 60x60.

Remember that it is mandatory to validate your card every time you use the metro or tram.

TSC are personal and non-transferable. They contain the name and surname of the holder, the DNI/NIE number and a photo, as well as a small reference to the University of Valencia.
If you need a duplicate for loss or theft, go to any CAC or Punt del Client of (on payment of €4).

Prices of the tickets covered by the agreement: 

1 zone  41,80 €

37,60 €

2 zones 53,80 € 48,40 €
3 zones  63,50 €

57,15 €

4 zones 72,80 € 65,50 €

(*) Prices valid up to the next change of fares of FGV.

For more information about Metrovalencia: | Facebock: /metrovalencia.fgv | Twitter: @metrovalencia