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The director of the department is elected by the department council and appointed by the Rector.

Duties of the director of the department:

  • Represent the department.
  • Manage the daily operation of the department with assistance from permanent board members.
  • Coordinate and supervise teaching as well as department administration and services, implementing and enforcing agreements made by the council and, if applicable, the permanent board.
  • Convene a council meeting when deemed necessary and when requested by a minimum of 20% of its members.
  • Represent the University of Valencia, by delegation from the Rector, in any type of legal act that affects the department’s activities.
  • In general, all competencies from Article 22 of the University of Valencia Statutes, except those expressly reserved for the council or, if applicable, the permanent board.


Anaclet Pons Pons
Tel. (+34) 96 386 45 31


Daniel Muñoz Navarro
Tel. (+34) 96 398 36 38