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The Department of Modern History publishes Estudis, a yearly scientific journal based on original research papers about modern history in any geographic area, but with special emphasis on the Valencian region.


It is aimed to the university public and to anyone interested in Modern History.


E-mail address:


Its composition is:



  • Editor: Emilia Salvador Esteban


  • Secretary: Teresa Canet Aparisi


  • Editorial Staff:

Fernando Andrés Robres (Autonomous University of Madrid). David Bernabé Gil (Universidad University of Alicante). Mónica Bolufer Peruga (University of Valencia). Jorge Catalá Sanz (University of Valencia). Carmen Corona Marzol (Jaume I University). Amparo Felipo Orts (University of Valencia). Juan Francisco Pardo Molero (University of Valencia). Pablo Pérez García (University of Valencia).


  • Advisory Board:

Armando Alberola Romá (University of Alicante). Salvador Albiñana Huerta (University of Valencia). Francisco Andújar Castillo (University of Almeria). Manuel Ardit Lucas (University of Valencia). Ernest Belenguer Cebriá (Universitat de Barcelona). Francesco Benigno (University of Teramo. Italy). Rafael Benítez Sánchez-Blanco (University of Valencia). Pedro Cardim (University of Lisbon. Portugal).Rafael Carrasco (University of Montpellier. France). James Casey (University of East Anglia. Norwich. UK). Friedrich Edelmayer (University of Vienna).
Teófanes Egido (University of Valladolid). John Elliot (University of Oxford. UK). Pablo Pérez Albaladejo (Autonomous University of Madrid). Francisco Fernández Izquierdo (CSIC). José Fortea Pérez (University of Cantabria). Ricardo Franch Benavent (University of Valencia). Ricardo García Cárcel (Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona). Enrique Giménez (University of Alicante). Benjamín González Alonso (University of Salamanca). Lluís Guia Marín (University of Valencia). Telesforo Hernández Sempere (University of Valencia). Francesco Manconi (University of Sassari. Sardinia. Italy). Enrique Martínez Ruiz (Complutense University of Madrid). Antonio Mestre Sanchis (University of Valencia).Pere Molas Ribalta (Universitat de Barcelona). Isabel Morant Deusa (University of Valencia). Giovanni Muto (Federico II University of Naples. Italy). Carmen Pérez Aparicio (University of Valencia). Joseph Perez (University of Bordeaux III. France). Ofelia Rey Castelao (University of Santiago de Compostela). Miguel Rodríguez Cancho (University of Extremadura). Jose Juan Vidal (University of the Balearic Islands). Bernard Vincent (École des Hautes Études en Sciences Socials. Paris).

Submission rules

The journal is open to all types of collaboration. Those interested in participating must submit their originals to the Office of the Secretary of the Journal (Departament d'Història Moderna, Facultat de Geografia i Història, Av. Blasco Ibáñez, 28, 46010-Valencia). E-mail adress:

The paper must not exceed 15 DIN A-4 sheets, typed on both sides, each side containing 51 lines of 56 spaces (about 15,000 words in total), including tables, graphs, maps and notes.

The originals will be submitted on Macintosh floppy disks, or any other compatible system, and will be accompanied by the corresponding typed copy.

Authors must submit, along with their collaborations, a brief summary of about 10 lines (150 words maximum) in the language in which the paper is written, and in a foreign language, preferably English.

They should also include keywords in the two languages.

Quotes will be included in footnotes, following the journal's traditional system, with no final bibliography.

Papers will be reviewed by outside readers.