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Nau Gran General Study is a course:

  • Multidisciplinary with vocation of permanence.
  • It offers students who enroll for the first time in La Nau Gran the opportunity to get to know the different branches of knowledge in order to decide which of them arouses more interest.
  • It allows students who have successfully completed a pathway to continue linked to the Nau Gran program.
  • It is a flexible course, enabling students to develop their own curriculum.

Students can study in Nau Gran General Study, either as the beginning of their participation in the program or once they have finished a pathway and obtained the Nau Gran Diploma.

It consists of specific subjects, taught by teachers linked to the Universitat de València, and optional subjects as well as a set of free choice activities.

  • The specific subjects are subjects that propose topics of current or relevant importance within the branch of knowledge to which they belong. They have a multidisciplinary character and are chosen by the student of the submitted offer, which, in any case, covers all areas of knowledge linked to the pathways of the first block. With this, each student chooses the intensification of the skills of the course taken, or the approach to other areas of knowledge.
  • The optional subjects are those selected from the curricula of the official degree programs of the Universitat de València. It is, therefore, of subjects that official students attend. Thus, the students of La Nau Gran share faculty, classrooms and schedule, and are integrated into the normal activity of the center.
  • The activities of free choice are those that students can choose from the offer of activities of the University Extension Service and the rest of the Universitat de València.

Nau Gran General Study has duration of one academic year, during which the student can take a total of 23 credits.