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LogMap is an acronym for Logistic Map.
LogMap is an interactive program that allows a thorough visual illustration of the regular and chaotic features of the Logistic map: trajectories (including sensitivity to initial conditions), Lyapunov exponent, bifurcation diagram, invariant density and  cobweb diagram.
As the logistic map is a paradigm for teaching Chaos, the program is a tool that allows a hands on approach to a large number of issues on Chaos and Non-Lineal Dynamics.
In this page we provide the code, a description of its features and a tutorial.
Freeware software under GPL license.
Operating systems: Win98/98SE/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7.
Developers: J.M. Castelo, J.A. Oteo.
Languages: Spanish|English.
The code has been written by J.M. Castelo in C++,  and uses OpenGL Library routines (graphics) and wxWidgets (graphical user interface).
LogMap v.1.5.6 download
Disclaimer: This program is freeware. If you decide to use it, you do so entirely AT YOUR OWN RISK. The authors do not provide support but are always interested in your comments and suggestions.

Program description and  instructions handbook in pdf format.
Manual de instrucciones y descripción del programa en formato pdf.
A copy of the Master Thesis by J.M. Castelo (in spanish) about the code and its use, with pedagogical purposes, in pdf format.
This is a pdf version of the tutorial.
Authors: J.M. Castelo, J.A. Oteo and J. Ros.
It is intended as a list of suggestions to be developed at the classroom.

Bifurcation diagram:
Asymptotic values of x
as a function of
the parameter r.

Bifurcation diagram
and Lyapunov exponent
as a function of
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