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  • Autores: Francisco R. Soriano ; J. Javier Samper-Zapater ; Juan Jose Martinez-Dura ; Ramon V. Cirilo-Gimeno ; Javier Martinez Plume
  • (2018).
  • Tipos de publicación: Article
  • URL Publicación: Smart Mobility Trends: Open Data and Other Tools
  • Título Publicación (nombre del libro o revista): Ieee Intelligent Transportation Systems Magazine.
  • Num.Volumen: 10 Número: 2 Pàgina inicial: 6 Pàgina final: 16

  • Resumen:

    The Strategic Implementation Plan for speeding up the transformation of European Cities into "Smart cities" establishes 6 Actions Clusters and 11 Priority Areas. Some of them are directly related to the transport and sustainable urban mobility. The main goal is the application of new technologies to minimize the loss of time and energy, and to improve the satisfaction of citizens. The use and reuse of information as open data, already collected from the Public Administration and private entities is a source of possibilities adding extra value. Technologies such as Bluetooth sensors, Open Data platforms etc., become essential elements to achieve this goal. This paper highlights the opportunity to take advantage of emerging technologies, like the open source data platforms, or to use services for data linked queries. As an example of application of these technologies to the transport domain, several use cases with some results are presented.

  • ISSN: 0957-4174