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  • Autores: Luis Felipe Herrera-Quintero ; Jose Javier Samper-Zapater ; Miroslav Svitek ; Walid David
  • (2018).
  • Tipos de publicación: Article
  • URL Publicación: Special Section on ITS Services to Smart City Context [Guest Editorial]
  • Título Publicación (nombre del libro o revista): Ieee Intelligent Transportation Systems Magazine.
  • Num.Volum: 10 Número: 2 Pàgina inicial: 4 Pàgina final: 5

  • Resumen:

    The seven articles in this special section focus on new trends and developments in the intelligent transportation markets. Since the earliest of times, transportation has changed and revolutionized society and industry. Many of technology advances were focused on transportation and their means (road, rail, air, water, etc.) even, today there exist several areas of the knowledge that are focused on it. As time goes by, new terms have been established where technology is present as well, for instance, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Smart Cities, Smart Territory, Blockchain, Internet of Things, virtualization, Cloud computing, Intelligent Vehicles, embedded computing, Deep learning, etc. For that reason, with this special section in the ITS magazine, we want to continue showing new advances that will allow to people every day to find new services inside of the cities or even outsides of them, it means that, through the presented papers it will be possible to harmonized how the concepts in the digital world should be oriented in order to generate a best scenario to live.

  • ISSN: 0957-4174