Supramolecular Chemistry Group

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The Supramolecular Chemistry Group

The Supramolecular Chemistry group of the University of Valencia, ICMol, is an interdisciplinary unit whose members afford different research perspectives spanning from biomedicinal to environmental chemistry. The Supramol group coordinated by Prof. Enrique García-España (visit here his personal website) is currently integrated by four staff professors, five PhD doctors, five PhD students and three master students.

The research activity is organized around the following topics:

i) Development of new drugs with either antiparasitic, anti-inflammatory or antitumoral activity.

ii) Design and study of compounds able to mimic superoxide dismutase and other enzymes related to molecular oxygen metabolism.

iii) Synthesis of new receptors able to interact selectively with nucleic acids via intercalative binding or through the formation of G-quadruplex structures, design of contrast agents for imaging arteriosclerotic injuries.

iv) Synthesis of inorganic-organic hybrid materials.

v) Design of molecular chemosensors for metal ions and anions of biological or environmemtal relevance.