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Some recent Working Papers


“Efficient Mixed Bundling Prices in a Multiproduct Oligopoly with Indivisibilities”, co-authored with I. Arribas, 2008


“Solving partial information leakage in coordination in two-player games” co-authored with J. Vila, 2008


“Pragmatic Languages with Universal Grammars”, co-authored with Penelope Hernandez and Jose E. Vila (2009)  Language_urbano.pdf

Supplementary material of “Pragmatic Languages with Universal Grammars”,  Suplementarymaterial_urbano.pdf


“Nash Equilibrium and information transmission coding and decoding rules” CodingDecoding.pdf



Work in progress

 “Isolation and redundancy on information dissemination in dynamic networks”, co-authored with J. Vila, 2008

 “Dynamic on-line Communication for Network Formation”, co-authored with J. Vila, 2008.

 “Cost maintenance and effort contribution in Economic Network formation”, co-authored with I. Arribas, 2008