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Seminar by Konrad Topolsky from Goethe-Universität of Frankfurt

  • February 8th, 2024
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Title: Predicting tidal disruption events in BHNS mergers through quasi-equilibrium sequences

Place: DAA Seminar. Jeroni Muñoz Research Building, fourth floor, in Campus de Burjassot.

Day: Wednesday, january 21, 2024.

Time: 10:00.


The coalescence of a black hole with a neutron star (BHNS) is the most elusive compact binary merger event when compared with more ubiquitous binary black hole (BBH) or binary neutron star systems (BNS).

Determining the exact nature of the binary components may be facilitated by the electromagnetic (EM) counterpart to the gravitational wave signal. Since BHNS binaries that would favor an EM counterpart are likely in the minority, more insight into the parameter space is required.

Using the largest up-to-date ensemble of BHNS initial data in quasi-equilibrium (QE) obtained in the elliptic solver FUKA, we investigate a vast range of mass ratios, NS masses and black hole spins to find conditions conducive to a tidal disruption event, formation of a disc and hence the EM emission.

For the first time in the QE sequences study of BHNS systems, we use 3 realistic equations of state and probe the dependence on the black hole spin. In this way, we aim to bridge the gap between the predictions of QE sequences and dynamical simulations and prepare for long-term ab-initio evolutions of BHNS systems.