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Are you planning to travel?


  1. Do you have sufficient funds to cover the costs?
  2. Have you communicated your travel plans to the project manager in the case that you don’t have sufficient personal funds? 
  3. Request permission (it differs whether you are a PDI or a researcher). Link to the request page
  4. Are you going to a congress, workshop or conference? If you are registered, please talk to us to find out how to make the payment, as it depends on many factors.
  • Can I pay by bank transfer? YES   We will make the transfer from the department.
  • Can’t make the transfer? Payment will be made with a DAA bank card.
  • If there aren’t sufficient funds on the DAA card, you can make the payment with your own bank card, but:
  1. + €600  You must request authorisation before making the payment.
  2. - €600  You can make the payment with your own bank card. Do not forget to send us the receipt of payment.

Once the payment has been made, you must ALWAYS request the INVOICE (a simple receipt or preform will not suffice) in the name of the Univeristy:


Dep. Astronomia i Astrofísica

Dr. Moliner, 50

46100 Burjassot (València)

CIF Q4618001D

VAT ESQ4618001D (for foreing invoices)

During the congress, workshop or conference (even if it is virtual) you must obtain a certificate of attendance, without which the expenditure cannot be justified.

  1. If you have been invited on a research stay, collaboration visit, etc., we will need, a priori, a letter or e-mail of invitation and a certificate that you have completed your stay.
  2. You must purchase flights, transportation and accomodation separately and request the invoices in your name with your NIF. Congress registrations cannot be included in the same invoice as accommodation. Accommodation and flights have to be booked separately. Try to make reservations in Spanish, Valencian or English.
  • Hotel rooms must be single or double rooms for single use. If a meal is included, the amount must be specified separately. Invoices with full board or half board are not accepted if the amount of the meal is not specified. If the hotel is in Spain, the maximum amount per night is 140 euros in Madrid and Barcelona and 100 euros in the rest of Spain. Ministry and Generalitat projects only allow €65.97 per night. The difference up to € 140 or €100 will be compensated from indirect costs (if any). For travel to the rest of the world ask us for country limits or you can check them from page 4 of the instruction 3_2012 of the UV. If you have booked the hotel through, please note that you will have to request the invoice from the hotel.
  • Flights will always be in Economy class. Send us the e-ticket and invoice in your name if available, together with boarding passes.
  • RENFE tickets will always be "Billete Básico or Billete Elige" fares with standard seat. Send us the tickets by email.
  • For the journeys you make during your stay in taxis, buses, trains, metros, etc., you must keep the tickets with the prices and the departure and arrival points legible (if they are not visible or missing, write them down on the back of the ticket). If you have made any payment with your card in a foreign currency, you must send us the receipt/bank statement with the equivalence so that we can compensate you.
  • If several of you are travelling, you cannot book train/bus etc. together, each person must book and pay separately.
  1. When you return from your trip, you must send us everything that is missing to justify the file and claim the invoices that have not yet been received, as well as the Certificates of Attendance. 


In summary, for TRIPS that you make that can be justified, the following items can be compensated:

  • Registration fees
  • Accommodation
  • Journeys
  • Per diem (you don't need tickets except if the payment is with a Ministry project)
  • Other costs (€8.34), only for Generalitat commissions.


There are two ways in which commissions of service can be processed. One is when an advance payment is requested and the other is when it is not requested. With an advance payment the procedure is quicker and when the trip is justified on your return, in three or four days you will have the difference between the advance payment and the real expenditure incurred in your account. If no advance payment has been requested, the file is centralised by the Compatibility Service and therefore it will take about three weeks for reimbursement once all the supporting documentation has been submitted. We therefore advise you to book your accommodation and travel in advance. 

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