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Seminari by Dario Nuñes (UNAM, México)

  • November 27th, 2023
Esferas concentricas

Title: Examples of scalar field compact objects with possible observational effects

Place: Seminario del DAA. Edificio Investigación Jeronimo Muñoz, planta cuarta, en Burjassot.

Day: Viernes 1 de diciembre de 2023.

Time: 12:00.


I will present two examples of boson stars with features that might have observational consequences and also can be mimickers of known objects. The first example is a boson star - like object with magnetic field and without total electric charge; such system can reproduce some of the gravitational and electromagnetic features of a neutron star; the other example is a boson star with a nuclei of exotic matter, like the one provoking  the observed accelerated expansion of the Universe; the solution provides an example of exotic matter confinenment. I will describe the set up of the systems, as well as their derivation as some of the features of each configuration.