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L'Escola d'Estiu Erasmus de Física (E3F)

  • July 31st, 2021
L'Escola d'Estiu Erasmus de Física (E3F)

L'Escola d'Estiu Erasmus de Física (E3F) has been focused on the 2021 edition with Nuclear Physics and Optics. The talks and roundtables can already be found on YouTube

L'Escola d’Estiu Erasmus de Física (E3F) is a Summer School coordinated by the Faculty of Physics of the University of Valencia that aims to offer a series of courses, talks and activities both fun and educational to students of the degrees of Physics and Mathematics as well as high school students interested in science and technology studies. The school aims to cover different areas of study and interest both in terms of topics (talks, courses, activities, visits to laboratories ...) and the target audience (students interested in any field of Physics). The program will include talks on research developed in the Industry.

The School also aims to offer information and knowledge in first person, of Erasmus exchange experiences: both 'incoming' and 'outgoing' students will present their impressions to the interested public through debates or specific talks. E3F has the financial support of the Teaching Innovation Plan and the exchange program of the Universitat de València.

This year's E3F school will be held online, due to the health situation caused by covid-19. There will be talks and debates related to Nuclear Physics and Optics.

The presentations will be made through the Blackboard Collaborate platform, between July the 5th and the 9th. The sessions will be mainly in the morning but we will have an afternoon session devoted to a couple of talks and the dramatized reading of a play about the life of Lise Meitner. In addition, we will have a talk on the experience of a physics graduate in the world of international cooperation and a debate on the Erasmus experience.


Organizing Comitte:

Adolfo Esteban-Martín
Jesús Guerrero
Jesús Malo
Miquel Martínez
Maria Moreno
Manel Perucho
Eugenio Roldán
Nikita Tyumentsev
Enric Valor


School Topics:

Non-linear Optics
Quantum Physics
Science and gender
Particle Physics
Science in companies
Nuclear energy
Medical Physics
International Cooperation

L'Escola d’Estiu Erasmus de Física (E3F)