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  • Ecological interactions are evolutionarily conserved across the entire tree of life

    Gómez, J. M.; Verdú, M.; Perfectti, F.

    (2010). Article

    Nature. Num.465

    Pp.: 918 - 921.

  • Pollen morphology of Iranian species of Typha (Typhaceae) and its taxonomic significance

    Hamdi, S. M. M.; Assadi, M.; Segarra-Moragues, J. G.

    (2010). Article

    Feddes Repertorium.

    121 (1-2): 83 - 94.

  • Morphological traits and water use strategies in seedling of Mediterranean coexisting species

    Hernández, E. I.; Vilagrosa, A.; Pausas, J. G.; Bellot, J.

    (2010). Article

    Plant Ecology. Num.207

    Pp.: 233 - 244.

  • The contribution of recombination to heterozygosity differs among plant evolutionary lineages and life-forms

    Jaramillo-Correa, J. P.; Verdú, M.; González-Martínez, S. C.

    (2010). Article

    BMC Evolutionary Biology. Num.10

    P.: 22.

  • Relictual distriburion reaches the top: altitude constrains fertility and leaf longevity in Juniperus thurifera

    Montesinos, D.; García-Fayos, P.; Verdú, M.

    (2010). Article


    36 (1): 120 - 125.

  • Disentangling the role of heat and smoke as germination cues in Mediterranean Basin flora

    Moreira, B.; Tormo, J.; Estrelles. E.; Pausas, J. G.

    (2010). Article

    Annals of Botany. Num.105

    Pp.: 627 - 635.

  • The jungle of methods for evaluating phenotypic and phylogenetic structure of communities

    Pausas, J. G.; Verdú, M.

    (2010). Article

    BioScience. Num.60

    Pp.: 614 - 625.

  • Fuel loading and flammability in the Mediterranean Basin woody species with different post-fire regenerative strategies

    Saura-Mas, S.; Paula, S.; Pausas, J. G.; Lloret, F.

    (2010). Article

    International Journal of Wildland Fire. Num.19

    Pp: 783 - 794.

  • The fewer and the better: prioritization of populations for conservation under limited resources, a genetic study with Borderea pyrenaica (Dioscoreaeceae) in the Pyrenean National Park

    Segarra-Moragues, J. G.; Catalán, P.

    (2010). Article

    Genetica. Num.138

    Pp.: 363 - 376.

  • Post-fire response and genetic diversity in Erica coccinea: connecting population dynamics and diversification in a biodiversity hotspot

    Segarra-Moragues, J. G.; Ojeda, F.

    (2010). Article

    Evolution. Num.64

    Pp.: 3511 - 3524.