Approval procedure

Within its internationalization policy, the University of Valencia actively promotes the signing of agreements with institutions from all over the world. The process begins with the signing of a Framework Agreement which marks the start of concrete actions for a specific period of time by means of a specific agreement. Said agreements will be promoted by the members of the different bodies of the University of Valencia (Departments, Institutes, Schools, Faculties, etc…) according to the regulatory regulations of the Framework Agreement approved by the University of Valencia.

Procedure for the approval of a Framework Agreement


The personnel interested in proposing a new agreement must present to the International Relations Office the named documentation, as stated in the regulations for the signing of Agreements of Institutional Cooperation.


The proposal along with the documentation will be sent to the Vice-Principal for Internationalisation and Cooperation office for its examining and later processing.

Approval and signing

After being considered by the Vice-Principal for Internationalisation and Cooperation office, the agreement will be sent to the University’s Council Board for its approval and then signed by the Chancellor. The International Relations Office will publish on its website the list of all the agreements which have been approved by the Council Board and the original signed copy will be sent to the other institution. In that way, the representatives, who appear in the fifth clause of the agreement, will be informed of the approval of the agreement itself.