• Programa Erasmus Estudis Mobilitat
  1. Foreign-exchange students
  2. UV foreigners

1. Incoming exchange students

Non EU national  students coming from non-EU universities

To enter and stay as a student in Spain, you must apply for the visa at the Spanish Embassy in the country you live before you come.
Once in Spain, if your stay is going to be longer than 180 days, then your visa will be a  90-day kind, and within the first month of entry into Spain, you will have to go to our office (Palau de Cerveró, Cisneros Square, 4, Valencia) so we can apply for an appointment for you with the Police Station where you will process your TIE (foreigners identification card); If, instead, your stay/visa is up to 180 days, you must not perform any procedure at this respect.

Non EU national  students coming from EU universities or associated countries

To enter and stay as a student in Spain, you must apply for the visa at the Spanish Embassy before you come.

Documents you can be asked for at the Embassy:

  • Students should fill in and sign  the application EX-00 modeland submit it at the Spanish Embassy
  • Passport or travel document which accredits your medical identical
  • Insurance with coverage throughout the period of stay (if it is not Spanish or European health insurance card, you must take it to a Sworn translator)
  • Enrolment at the European Home University.
  • Credential or invitation, indicating that studies to study in Spain are part of the program of studies at the European Home University.
  • Accreditation of economic means: the student has to prove available funds for their maintenance during the entire stay in Spain. The minimum value of reference is that of the Public Indicator of Income for Multiple Purposes (Indicador Público de Renta de Efectos Múltiples - IPREM), an index used in Spain as a reference for distributing grants, scholarships, subsidies or unemployment benefits, among other things.
  • Criminal record covering at least the last 6 months.
  • Health certificate.

Further information can be obtained at the respective Spanish Embassy website.

National Erasmus students of the European Union or associated states

The citizens of the European Union member states and of the remaining states belonging to the European Economic Area (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein), who are to remain in Spain for more than three months to do an Erasmus stay are required to register with the Central Register of Foreign Citizens (Registro Central de Extranjeros) at the Foreign Citizens Office of the province where they will be residing (Oficina de Extranjeros Valencia: Bailén, St, 9). This Office will issue a registration certificate that proves the students` right to live in Spain (for the duration of their study period).

2. UV foreigners

Extra-EU students who apply for the TIE (Foreign Nationals’ Identity Card)

For entering and remaining as a student in Spain, you should request the study visa at the Spanish Diplomatic Mission or the Spanish Consular Office in the country or area where you live.
Once you are in Spain, if your stay is longer than 180 days, then your visa will be of 90 days, and within the first month of entry to Spain, you should come to our office  (Palau de Cerveró, Cisneros Square, 4, Valencia) so we can arrange an appointment with the Police Station for processing your TIE (Foreign Nationals’ Identity Card); if instead, your stay/visa is of 180 days, you don’t need to make any procedure for that purpose.

Renewal of permits for extra-EU students

If the duration of your studies is more than one year, you should request and obtain an extension of your stay authorisation. It is important that you submit your application during the sixty days previous to its expiry date, as this will be not processed if it has expired and you should obtain a new visa. Along with your request for extension you should attach the following documentation:

  • The card you want to renew (Original and copy)
  • Official Application Form Ex00 (Original and 2 copies)
  • Copy for the Administration of the paid receipt of the Fee 052 for extending the stay authorisation for studies, select the section 1.3). More information on the Fee 052
  • Passport or valid document in force for entering in Spain, or where appropriate the registration certificate in force.  Original passport and copy of relevant pages (personal data, expiration date, entry visa and date of entrance).
  • Enrolment certificate as student in official or recognised centres, indicating timetables and duration of the course, this being not less than 3 months. (Original)
  • Proof of the financial means necessary for the studies, stay and return to your country, and where appropriate, the proof of financial means of your family.  This can be done through:
    • A bank certificate accrediting quantity, origin and periodicity of your incomes (Original)
    • Grant certificate or proof of other economic means that you may have  (Original and copy)
  • You should guarantee the medical care during the period of your studies, either through public or private insurances agreed with an Insurance Company authorised to operate in Spain.  (Original and copy of the insurance policy, as well as the last receipt paid)
  • Certificate of the centre which certifies the completion of the studies carried out in the previous period. (Original)

  • Certificate of census registration (on the assumption that there is no change of residence of the applicant).
  • Students under 18 years old should submit the authorisation of their parents or legal guardians for travelling to Spain and for taking the studies, this should specify the centre and the intended duration of the stay  (Original)
  • Repatriation insurance is no longer necessary.

If you wish to carry out the processes through our office, you should come during our opening hours, from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 14:00.

If your NIE has expired or  you prefer to submit the documentation without going by our office, you can also go through these Registration Offices

Once all these documents have been submitted, the applicant must wait either our phone call/email (waiting time: at least 5 weeks) or Subdelegación del Gobierno (Government) notification.

Note: Neither the Office of the Vice-Principal for Internationalisation and Cooperation nor the International Relations and Cooperation Service of the UV are responsible of the possible modifications that can be made in the Spanish legislation once this information is published. Therefore the UV recommends that the students check their obligations relating to their stay in Spain at the Office for Foreign Nationals once they are in Valencia, or on the website of the Ministerio de Interior or in the Consulates, before they arrive.

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